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Mike is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with many and varied bands over his ten year career including Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country and Acoustic bands.

He was born young to mixed parentage (a man and a women) and enjoyed a non musical childhood with both parents being musically inept. So how, you ask, did he get involved in music at all, well the answer is simple, Money, yes the chance to earn money. One day he hopes to actually see some.
Upon getting his first guitar at the age of 18 he practiced none stop choosing practice over the pub and indeed friends however this paid off and now he is regularly gigging with Ezee Goin and his own acoustic songs under the name "One Mike Stand" he also writes songs and teaches guitar, piano and bass round North Yorkshire. Still no friends though.
Being the youngest member of Ezee Goin that of course means one bad winter and he is on his own again however secretly he knows that means no more sharing the cash so it's not all bad news.
Influences include David Bowie, The Kinks, The Beatles, Hank Marvin, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler and many many more.

THIS IS Rich - a very capable and solid drummer -he also adds another voice to our vocals .

He has been in many bands in the York area over the years, and has played every type of gig - from small country pUbs right through to Festivals !

He has a very EZEE GOIN attitude, almost nothing ruffles his feathers -  and takes life as he finds it 

Pete is the newest member and brother of Rich. A powerhouse on the bass and adding in harmonies to really fill out the song. A fan of many genres it really comes across in his playing and it's always great playing along with the solid yet inventive style. 

In Memory of Jim Boyle , Ezee Goin's Guitarist and lead vocalist who sadly passed away April 2013. Not only was Jim a superb and talented musician, he was one of the nicest gentlest guys you could wish to meet. We miss you Jim - always in our thoughts. R.I.P.

Our founding bass player who has now unfortunately retired 

UK Bass Player, formerly living & gigging in Florida, USA, now returned to N. Yorks. 
Previously Bass Player with USA group; DVS the Band
Also played bass for Nashville Recording star, Jennifer LeMoss & her band "NevaeH PeeK".

Bass player for Scott Coleman, Country Artist.
And,played with Tampas "FUNKMONSTER" Band. as well as " The TINA TRIBUTE " Tina Turner showcase band.

Studio/songwriting experience and currently has airplay of his latest composition "You Came to me" playing on Radio Stations in New York and California.

Plays variety of styles, Country, Pop, Southern Rock, Celtic Rock, Blues,Tamla,Stax,Soul,Caberet,60's/70's Etc.
Happy to tour UK or World. Tell me which Airport to be at and I'm their with my Bass in one hand and Passport in the other - ( will buy Y fronts when I reach destination)

Mature, but not senile (lots of hair and own teeth), sense of humor, experienced, stage ready & quite happy to go where the music takes me -(I can also fumble round on Keyboards, get a few notes out of a harmonica, Guitar and a little Backing singing) Still don't like sprouts, - even though my mother insisted they would make me grow big and strong

On Stage

Gigit review

 19th May 2014

Ezee Goin

By GigIt North East Reviews 


We've mentioned Ezee Goin a few times now in our gig guides, even though they are based in York and we didn't think we'd get chance to actually see them, which is fine as that's what the Gigit North East page is all about. Then we got an inbox with their future gig dates and there it was, Bedlington. So we headed off to watch them, and boy are we glad that we did, with the only regret being that we couldn't see the full gig. The trio of members all play with a lot of skill and aplomb and from the very first song, we were treated to an array of classic songs from the past with the likes of The Kinks, local hero's The Animals, Joe Cocker and one of our favourites Creedence Clearwater Revival, among many more. The vocals of Mike were outstanding and he certainly has the voice that suits the style of music, which was also matched by his guitar work (hats off to him), the drumming of Graham was also brilliant and then let's not forget the bass work of Clive who also lead us through the rich history of each track. We're stoked that we got chance to see Ezee Goin, and by the other attendees reaction to then we weren't the only ones, and it was a Sunday afternoon well spent. If you ever get chance to see them, then we recommend that you do. (This review is the opinion of Gigit North East and we recommend seeing the band to form your own opinions